• Full-Stack Software Development

    We provide full-stack development services specializing in Angular, React and Node.js for the backend

  • Amazing Mobile Apps

    We craft both hybrid and native mobile apps that run on IOS, Android, Windows mobile platforms

  • Sturdy E-commerce Shops

    We build secure and easy e-commerce applications using Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce

  • UI/UX Design Consultation

    We keep usability and style at the heart of all our UI/UX designs, wireframes, and prototypes for applications and websites

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    We use AI to automate inefficient business processes, generate business insights and solve advanced problems with Machine Learning

  • Outstanding Digital Products

    We use the most progressive technologies to build revolutionary digital products for you

Empowering entrepreneurs with cutting edge Technology
Pixlcoders designs and develops, websites, mobile apps, custom software for you using the most progressive technologies and world-class designs resulting in easy and efficient user experiences.



In 3 years we have built and launched products
across a wide gamut of industries ranging from
Travel, E-commerce, Finance, Healthcare,
Commodities,Hospitality, Online Education, etc.



To date, we have designed and developed 40+
websites, mobile apps and software products.
We have worked with clients from across the globe
- in India, US, UK, and UAE.
Our Values

Always create a WoW factor

In all the work you do, always strive to reach for excellence. Never settle for good enough. Exceed the expectations of clients and your colleagues

Take ownership and be accountable

Be responsible and take ownership of every small and big thing you do. Leaders are not made, they are born from within. Be a leader in every action you take

Question the usual in a constructive manner

Be open to ask questions and challenge the usual things in a constructive manner. Only then we can truly improve and learn

Seek learning in all the challenges

Always seek joy in all the challenges. Failures and success will always be a part of our journey. Learn from every failure and success you face and see

Share what you learn

Sharing is at the core of our culture here. Everything we know and we learn we share it with our fellow team members. This is the only way to learn and grow faster

Be inclusive and transparent

Never leave out a fellow team member. Embrace diversity and differences. Include all in your journey and make the workplace happier every day.

What We Do
What We Do

Web Development

E-commerce sites
Machine Learning
Technologies Used

Mobile Development

React Native
Technologies Used

Product Design

Product Research
Wireframes & Prototype
UI Designs & Illustrations
UX Consultation
Technologies Used

Digital Transformation

Enterprise Software Development
Enterprise Mobile Development
Machine Learning and AI
Cloud Architecture
Technologies Used
Our Process
Research Led Data Driven Product
  • We follow a Lean UX method which is the most efficient and economic approach to building any succesful product.
Stay on Top of Design Trends
  • At Pixlcoders, we advise you on the most sought after trends and create product designs that will transform the user experience to a whole new level.
Stay on Top of Design Trends
  • At Pixlcoders, we advise you on the most sought after trends and create product designs that will transform the user experience to a whole new level.

We can build your story

Through the years we have partnered with great companies all over the world.